Town Museum of Litija

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Mestni muzej Litija
Cesta komandatna Staneta 2, SI-1270 Litija
Phone386 (0) 31 689160
Helena Hauptman, Museum Head

The Town Museum of Litija is a young museum, featuring its first permanent exhibitions in 2005. Committed to local studies, research and popularisation of the local heritage of the town of Litija, the museum's activities are strongly interconnected with the other local cultural, educational and tourist producers and agencies. It received the Valvasor Carnation for its participatory projects under the title The Heritage Connects us.

Permanent exhibitions

The permanent exhibitions are dedicated to the now defunct economic activities in the Litija area such as the Sitarjevec mine as one of the oldest on the territory of Slovenia, or the history of the transportation on the river Sava. It presents also the technical achievements such as the former wooden bridge over the Sava river (replaced in 1974) and town's cultural life (history of musical associations and the achievements of the Litija photo club). As the museum is situated in the former court of justice, the visitors can experience also a reconstruction of a prison cell.

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