(DA)(NE)S Festival of Microtonal Music

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(DA)(NE)S festival mikrotonalne glasbe
Kneza Koclja 9, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 5 907 6371
Cameron Bobro, Selector

The festival has for an indefinite period been turned into a sporadic concert series in the KIBLA Multimedia Centre.

Archival article

Annually present in Maribor since 2007, the (DA)(NE)S Festival of Microtonal Music aims to present some of the contemporary explorations of musical forms. A special focus is brought upon artists that transcend the hegemonic structural, tonal, and harmonic conventions, be it through the use of composition, technology, or any other means. The festival has undertaken various spatial and conceptual forms. It was mainly staged at the the main square of the city but can be – due to the weather or other circumstances – moved indoors to the KIBLA Multimedia Centre.

Festival programme

Never being only a musical festival, till now (DA)(NE)S has also featured audiovisual acts, poetry readings, workshops, and even shadow theatre. The 2010 edition of the festival took the open-ended form even further and had only one (free improvisation) concert, the other acts being a combination of discussions, workshops, musical performances and creative socialising. Since then, a more conventional approach to music presentation is in once again.

At first staging more or less Slovene musicians like Žoambo Žoet Workestrao, Igor Bezget, Sai Tomitsa, Beno Soršak, Atanasovski–Golob–Levačić Trio, Molecatcher, and others, the festval has gradually became more internationally oriented. Marko Ciciliani & Barbara Lüneburg, Barbara Buchholz, Bernhard Mikuskovics, Nore Louise Müller are a few of those who have graced the (DA)(NE)S stage in recent years.

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