Birthplace of Janez Jalen


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Contact info
Rojstna hiša pisatelja Janeza Jalna
Rodine 10, SI-4274 Žirovnica
Phone386 (0) 4 580 2092, 386 (0) 3 178 7001
Managed byŽirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture
Matjaž Koman, Director

The birthplace of writer, dramatist and priest Janez Jalen (1891–1966), which dates from the early 17th century, was declared a cultural monument in 1987, renovated to house the museum in 1992 and opened to the public in 1997.

Every year the museum houses a Honey Thread, the traditional tasting event of different types of honey produced by local beekeepers. Together with the birthplaces of Fran Saleški Finžgar, Matija Čop and France Prešeren this house is included on the Path of Cultural Heritage route in the Municipality of Žirovnica.


For the collection, the following rooms were arranged: the entrance hall, the open-hearth kitchen, the hiša (living room) and the kamra (bedroom). The ambience of the open-hearth kitchen and hiša is enhanced by original furnishings from the early 20th century and is regularly turned into a "live" museum where bread is baked, fruit dried on the tiled stove, and the table laid with home-made farm products. In the kamra there is a reconstruction of the writer's study with original pieces of furniture, clothes and some personal belongings, plus an exhibition of most of Jalen's literary legacy (manuscripts, letters, awards, literary works and his library).

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