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Miš Publishing House 2019 Slovene Book Fair.jpg
Miš Publishing House was initially a company well known for around 15 years as an important distributor of selected books to public and school libraries.
22 March 2021 13:10:05
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Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre 2006 Performance in theatre hall Photo Peter Orban.jpg
Foto: Peter Orban
Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre, performance in the main theatre hall, 2006.
26 April 2021 12:53:32
Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone 2008 Klub Menza pri koritu Photo Janez Slamic.jpg
A latecomer to the Metelkova mesto cultural complex, Menza pri koritu ("Canteen at the Trough") was established in 2000.
31 March 2021 21:06:13
10 let - SFS - 2010 - 12.jpg
10 let, a film by Peter Bratuša, winner of the Vesna Award for Best Short Film, Festival of Slovenian Film 2010
24 March 2021 20:26:13
Plesna izba 2009 Mindnight Judgement Photo Igor Divjak (2).jpg
Plesna izba Maribor (Maribor Dance Room) runs an extensive programme of dance and drumming education, yet simultaneously also stages various dance performances and explores contemporary performing arts in general.
26 April 2021 12:30:47
Folk Slovenia Cultural Society]], Radio Študent (RŠ), the Department of Musicology, University of Ljubljana, the Institute of Musicology, the [[International Council for Traditional Music
Spanski borci Culture Centre 2010 Entrance hall.JPG
The entrance hall of the Španski borci Culture Centre.
26 April 2021 12:17:58

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