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Kulturno društvo CodeEp
Rožna dolina cesta II/36, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 809 809
Martin Bricelj, President

In 2007 the CodeEp was renamed and reorganised as the MoTA Museum of Transitory Art. See below the archival article

Archival article

CodeEp is a cultural association established in 2001 to explore fields of contemporary visual communication, electronic music and urban performance. Individuals, groups and organisations co-create and explore the outermost limits of physical, media and cyber space through "creative socialising". CodeEp organises a wide spectrum of events and performances with an urban flavour and an eclectic attitude.

Electronic music and festivals

In various sub-genres of electronic music, CodeEp organises performances by domestic DJs and VJs. CodeEp are DJ Borka, DJ Bakto, DJ Zhe, DJ Dado, Dj Woo-D and DJ Ozo, Rex, Mina Fina, Luka Dekleva, and Martin Bricelj. CodeEp regularly invites international performers and DJs. The online radio station Radio Nula plays quality Soul, Funk, HipHop, Drum’n’Bass handpicked by CodeEp DJs.

Since 2000 CodeEp has organised the traditional Festival Pomladi (Spring Festival), a festival of electronic music and visual arts initially situated at Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, which later moved to different locations throughout the city. CodeEp has also co-created several other festivals, such as Otokultivato on the island of Vis in Croatia, the Futura Festival in Sarajevo, and projectOUT in Helsinki.

Site-specific urban projects

CodeEp has co-organised a number of site-specific projects, among them, the ProstoRož project launched by a group of architects to revive the old city centre of Ljubljana, following the fashionable "revitalisation doctrine" of "urban renewal" in major world cities.

Similarly, Library under the Trees (Knjižnica pod krošnjami) was initially launched as a collaboration of CodeEp, Divja misel and Azil Bookshop. CodeEp also organised Ljubljana-Belgrade Express festival and produced works of several Slovenian artists: Play VJ, Memory, RoboVox, FeedForward Cinema, Singing Bridges and many others.

Visual arts and design

From its very beginning, one of the CodeEp's missions was the promotion of urban art practices and design. CodeEp's design department is CodeSign. CodeEp was one of the first organisations to promote VJ and urban visual culture in Ljubljana. CodeEp also organised retrospective exhibitions such as the Chinese Political Poster, Yugoslav Political Poster and Atypeaks exhibition.

CodeSign features mostly the work by Martin Bricelj and has been regularly presented abroad. In 2005 3D Memory: History of Slovene Industrial Design – a memory game was presented in the USA, and in 2006 Everlandia – a Virtual Tourist Agency was presented in the digital lab at ICA London in 2006 and also as a part of the Nature Group exhibition in Galou Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. During the 2007 Sónar Festival in Barcelona, Martin Bricelj presented a short retrospective of his recent works (Fake Up, Everlandia and Pornogobelin) at the Niu Contemporary Art Space.

MoTA Museum of Transitory Art

In May 2007 a part of the CodeEp collective devoted to art and research established MoTA Museum of Transitory Art, a platform focused on visual, new media and experimental art and a residency program for artists, while CodeEp association remains devoted to music and urban culture. Following CodeEp principles of reviving degraded areas of the city by bringing art to those spaces that have been forgotten, MoTA expands this philosophy to a concept of a museum in space and time.

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