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Delo Newspaper
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Published byDelo Publishing House
Gregor Knafelc, Acting Editor in Chief
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Irena Štaudohar, Cultural Section Editor
Ali Žerdin, Saturday Supplement Editor
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Delo [Labour] is a central Slovene national daily newspaper that appeared in May 1959 with the merging of the two dailies Slovenski poročevalec and Ljudska pravica). An evening version is available as well as a day version. In 2013 its average daily print run is about 46,200 issues. According to the National Research on Readership, Delo was read in 2013 by 143.000 people each day, which gives it a 8.4 per cent daily reach.

Since 1991 Delo newspaper also confers the Kresnik Award for the best novel of the previous year and the Delo Personality of the Year Award.


The newspaper covers all fields, from Slovene national and local politics and regional news to world events, culture, sport, economy and also commentaries and reports. Every day 1 to 2 pages are dedicated to articles on culture, with an additional 1 to 2 pages called Deloskop for cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures) around Slovenia on that day, plus comprehensive information on recommended events. Deloskop is divided into several sections according to artistic disciplines and genre – film, theatre, books, museums, children, exhibition and lectures.


Between Monday and Saturday Delo has several supplements: Posel in denar [Business and Money] on economy and finances on Monday, Ona [She], a magazine for women on Tuesday, Delo in dom [Labour and Home] about housekeeping on Wednesday, Polet [Flight or Enthusiasm/Drive] for sports and free time on Thursday, Vikend TV programme on Friday, and on Saturday the Saturday supplement Sobotna priloga. Goodlife, a monthly on social responsibility topics appears the last Saturday of every month. Delo is also the only newspaper with a Sunday edition, called Nedelo, with its supplement Odprta kuhinja [Open Kitchen] food guide.

Delo publishes a special Sunday edition, Nedelo ("Idleness" or "non-work"; Nedelo is a play on words since Nedelja is Slovene for Sunday), in a smaller and bound (stapled) format.

International editions

Le Monde diplomatique has been published in Slovenian since 2005 and from 2008 till 2010 was included in the Delo newspaper every second Saturday.

Delo Publishing House also collaborates with The New York Times, which publishes an international digested weekly version, available in over 28 countries around the world. Since May 2009 a NYT weekly supplement in English is published in Delo with 5 per cent of content produced locally. The supplement is included in the newspapers in the Maribor and Ljubljana region on Fridays.

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