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Ago Tela

Jernej Marušič

Phone386 (0) 1 430 0237

The collective doesn't perform under the name Ago Tela anymore.

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Formed in 2009, Ago Tela is a collective of profiled electronic artists Dojaja, Mario Marolt (Electrosaurus) and Octex. Sometimes, they are also joined by pianist Peter Mihelič and some other protagonists from the Slovene techno scene. The core members are all well-known musical veterans, well-versed in production skills. What is distinctive about this particular project is its improvised and live nature. Their sound ranges from abstract dub to solid Detroit techno, and has a strong old school production flavour. This is due to their affinity for analogue equipment, which they prefer to use for this project (in the studio as well as on their live gigs).

The project evolved from the weekly sessions they had in SubSub Klub. Till now, the band has released only a few tracks on various compilations (Sampler 2011, Chilli Space). While working on new material, they have recently had a number of performances in Slovenia and played alongside Moritz wan Oswald Trio and the techno duo Ancient Methods.

Ago Tela recording a track in the studio.

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