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Globalni teater
Glinškova ploščad 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Niko Goršič, Head

This project ain't active anymore.

Archival article

Niko Goršič, the founder of the Global Theatre, has been a member of Mladinsko Theatre since 1970, and has played significant roles in productions such as Missa in A-minor (1980), Alice in Wonderland (1986), Odysseus and his Son (1990) and Marat (2002). He has also been involved with other theatre houses, both in Slovenia and abroad (Beograd, Split, Subotica, Rijeka, Budva, Vienna and Pula). In 1999 he established Global Theatre to focus on a post-modern attitude and 'puzzle' technique in acting and directing, using the pseudonym Nick Upper. In 2001 Global Theatre produced the metaphysical Balkan Comedy Caesar (directed by Branko Brezovac) in collaboration with MKC, Macedonia and Tvornica, Croatia, which was presented at the Laokoon Festival, Kampnagel in Hamburg. In 2003 the drama text Janoček by Franjo Frančič was staged at Glej Theatre. In 2004 Tinček Petelinček, a work using traditional Slovene lileki folk puppets, was presented in Brussels in a co-production with Mini Theatre. The performance Balkan Blues (Final Countdown), based on a text by Romanian Saviana Stanescu, was also presented in co-production with the Macedonian National Theatre Kumanovo and presented at the Ohrid Summer Festival in 2004.