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Galerija KUD France Prešeren
Karunova 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 283 2288, 386 (0) 1 283 2299
Vito Rožej, President

In autumn 2013 KUD France Prešeren, ceased with its programmes and the building was put on sale. In 2017 it was purchased by the Centre of Slavic Cultures France Prešeren which launched a new programme scheme. The article about the programme of the KUD France Prešeren Gallery was put into depot. See below the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid.

Archival article

The KUD France Prešeren Gallery is the exhibiting space of KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association. It hosts a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions such as: experimental photography and photojournalism, sculpture, painting, comics, and recently also multimedia and computer graphic projects. Occasionally it features also fashion and design projects. The gallery does not have a classic curatorial approach. The programme is selected of projects arriving on an annual call for entries which is usually published in August or September.


Located in the pub area of the cultural centre, the KUD France Prešeren Gallery offers annually some 25 exhibitions of promising artists (mostly Slovene) such as Saša Kerkoš and Mina Fina with their experimental strip project, photographer Helena Goznikar, Katja Tukiainen, German photographer Werner Schuster to name just some artist exhibiting recently. The gallery also features group and documentary exhibitions such as Between Communism or the Empire - From the Red Ray to the Great Carrion [Gledališče Ane Monró med komunizmom ali cesarstvom - Od Rdečega žarka do Velikega mrhovinarja] dedicated to Ana Monró Theatre, or the commercial exhibition of the lip-balsam "Labello", marking its 100th anniversary.

Exhibitions by students

The KUD France Prešeren Gallery cooperates regularly with the University of Ljubljana and different departments: in 2009 it featured the exhibition Textile Addresses [Tekstilni nagovori] of the Department of Textiles and group exhibitions of graduate students of the Department of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts and Design.


  • dimensions: 41m² (4.7m x 8.8m x 3.5m H) incorporating 27 linear metres of wall space
  • installation system: hammer-and-nail installation, sculpture pedestals
  • lighting: halogen lighting system
  • climate control: none
  • sales policy: by appointment

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