Kulturnica Bookshop, Velenje

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Kulturnica Bookshop, Velenje
Cankarjeva 2A, SI-3320 Velenje
Phone386 (0) 3 897 0370
Bojan Pangeršič, Director

The bookshop closed its doors in 2015.

Archival article

In addition to selling books (around 15,000 titles), Kulturnica Bookstore in Velenje also sells other art objects (including some paintings by Slovene painters) and promotes reading by organising literary evenings. It has presented dozens of contemporary Slovene authors, translators, and foreign writers (including writers from Montenegro). In recent years it has organised the annual Spreading of the Reading Virus event, which takes place in the bookstore and in the streets of Velenje. Kulturnica cooperates with local schools in the development of a reading culture and collaborates in Slovene Book Days.

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