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Podoba-Glasba, spletna revija za umetnost glasbenega videa
Matic Majcen, Editor in Chief

The web magazine quitly dissappeared somewhere in 2017 or 2018.

Archival article

Podoba-Glasba ("Image-Music") was launched in 2009 as a web magazine devoted to the art of music videos. The name is derived from the film taxonomy by Gilles Deleuze, namely his concept "Movement-Image". This highly specialised medium for music videos explores the artistic and conceptual side of this under appreciated audiovisual art form.

Podoba-Glasba publishes both the latest examples and classical ones of music video production, interviews with directors, historical facts and has also recently translated theoretical work on paradoxes of pastiche in music videos by Roger Beebe (University of Florida).

The editor Matic Majcen organises events and lectures on music videos, mainly considered from a perspective of film theory and art, participating at various venues and occasions in Ljubljana such as the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe), Kino Udarnik Maribor, Španski borci Culture Centre, Filofest, and Art kino Metropol Celje.

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