Prulček Spring Festival


Festival Spomladanski Šund / Festival Spomladanski Šamar / Festival Spomladanski Šarm

Organised byPrulček Bar
Festival dates26.4.2016 - 1.5.2016

The festival is on hold since 2016.

Archival article

The Prulček Spring Festival was launched by Prulček bar in 2014. It is a 9-day event that sort of sums up the year long day-to-day programme of the venue, staging an international repertoire of artists whose interests range from contemporary classical and flamenco music to jazz, blues, and folk.

The first edition was done under the name Spomladanski šamar (šamar is a Serbo-Croatian word for "a slap"). The next one was called Spring Charm, and the one after that something else. Consequently, a provisional name is used here.

Music programme

Some of the hosted musicians who have been invited to play at the festival include Fake Orchestra, Brina, Dirty Sanches, Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa, Momento Cigano Trio, Aikula, Federico Leo (IT), EYM Trio (FR), Doug Hammond Trio (US), Zurbaran (IT), Big Blues Trio (IT), etc.

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