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Dicky B. Hardy

The group has been disbanded.

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Dicky B. Hardy are a garage rock group founded in the 1990s. Their sound was characterised by fast melodies, heavy rhythms and uncompromising vocals ready to take the world apart. Their legacy continues in the bands Incurabili and Kiks.

Dicky B. Hardy's video for their track "World's Happiest Man".


Dicky B. Hardy came into prominence in 1995 when they played their first Ljubljana concert. This was followed by their Novi rock (New Rock) festival appearance the same year. They recorded and released their debut record Why Aren't You Screaming in 1995 as well. They were a restless live band, playing festivals and other shows.

Their second album I Whistle – You Dance was released in 1997 and was proclaimed album of the year by Radio Študent (RŠ). These first two, punk'n'roll charged, albums were released by FV Založba, while the more melodic, sonic punk rock rhythms on their third album You Can't Go Halfway and Get In (2001) were released by Škuc Ropot and Nika Records. The band toured the USA twice (once with Hic et Nunc and once on their own) and re-released their second record with the American label Taang! Records which was followed by an extensive European tour including concerts in Slovenia. Soon after that, Niko Novak (now a member of Incurabili and Kiks) had left the band, and in April 2002 singer Dušan Rebolj was invited to replace him and join. They played a few more concerts together the following years but decided to call it quits in 2003.


  • Why Aren't You Screaming? (FV, 1995)
  • I Whistle - You Dance (FV, 1997; Taang! Records, 1999)
  • Guess Hate Wrote This / Not A Goddamn Thing - Lazy Cowgirls split (FV, 1999)
  • You Can't Go Halfway and Get In (Škuc/Nika, 2001)

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