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Contact info
Festival Indigo
Gosposka 15, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 2500, 386 (0) 1 241 2506
Organised byMuseum and Galleries of Ljubljana
Festival dates7.9.2017 - 10.9.2017
6.9.2017 - 8.9.2017
5.9.2018 - 7.9.2018
Jani Pirnat, Indigo Head
Janja Buzečan, Indigo Public Relations
Online accounts:

Indigo Festival is an international festival of contemporary ideas, a festival platform for contemporary trends in art, culture, media, music, film, theatre and design that has been taking place in Ljubljana since 2016. It brings together cultural producers in the Ljubljana's quarter around Križevniška Street, French Revolution Square, Gosposka Street, New Square, Breg and Salendrova Street, where important Slovene cultural institutions are located, such as Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Mini Theatre, Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Festival Ljubljana, Secondary School for Design and Photography, Ljubljana and National and University Library. The festival aims to connect these cultural and scientific institutions with non-governmental organizations and creative individuals.

Its producers are Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and Marsh Creative Production. The festival core team consists of Blaž Peršin, Marko Maršićević, Jani Pirnat and Janja Buzečan.


Every year, the programme connects the rich artistic heritage of the aforementioned Ljubljana's quarter with cultural creation and theoretical reflection on contemporary society. The festival is taking place in the very quarter, in the very institutions and outdoors.

The first Indigo Festival took the topic No Fear and dealt with strategies to overcome the fear of the unknown through current changes in society. In a series of discussions on design, architecture, art and ecology participated many theoreticians, with Vuk Ćosić, Rick Poynor, Špela Hudnik, and Marko Paunović, among others. In the artistic part of the festival the visitors could see a concert of the group Bowrain; an exhibition Young Balkan Designers 2016; a poster exhibition Fist in the Eye with designers Mirko Ilić, Tomato Košir, Novi kolektivizem, Bojan Hadžihalilović, etc.; an exhibition of Bara Kolenc and Anej Tutta; and many more. The evenings were coloured by DJs, otherwise renowned Slovene sound artists and theatre and film composers, such as Drago Ivanuša, Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar etc.

The second edition held the topic Truth and lies. By monitoring everyday events, we are subjected to media constructs that constantly operate with the concept of what is real and what is not. The plethora of news competing with each other creates a spiritual impoverishment that does not allow for a dignified perception of the space and time in which we live. Art and theory, with exceptions, are among the last havens offering reflection. Through the talks, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops, the second Indigo Festival showed the contemporary erasure of borders between the lie and the truth. Slovene philosopher Renata Salecl, British designer Jonathan Barnbrook, Croatian designer Lana Cavar, the founder of the Société Réaliste and designer Ferenc Gróf, Austrian philosopher Robert Phaller, the music band Papooz, Croatian songwriter Sara Renar, DJ Levanael and many more participated.

The third edition was dedicated to Rumours, a silent force that affects public opinion and behaviour, personal decisions and relations between people and communities. During three festival days, 24 events took place: the festival hosted more than 120 lecturers, designers, performers, film makers, musicians and other artists from 14 countries, such as English designer James Langdon, designers' group Experimental Jetset, Irish writer Angela Nagle, the philosopher Mladen Dolar, Laibach group etc. More than 3500 local and foreign visitors attended this increasingly popular festival.

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