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Knjižnica Muzikološkega inštituta
Phone386 (0) 1 470 6198
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Managed byInstitute of Musicology
 Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts
Tonja Čakš, Specialist Advisor

The Institute of Musicology Library is a part of the main library of the Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts. Among the library's items on exhibit are musicological publications, a stock of recently published musical scores, copies of manuscripts, and editions of early Slovene music as well as an audio collection. The library mainly focuses on processing musical material and musicological literature, which it then presents in catalogues. It also places a special emphasis on the Slovene musical heritage and offers scholarly literature on the subject.

Services and international cooperation

The library is primarily used by the researchers of the Institute of Musicology, who publish their findings on the heritage of Slovene music in scholarly collections. It is also open to the public, as it offers literature which is not available at general and specialised libraries.

It holds a collection of musical monographs and journals, scholarly and periodical publications, music scores, Festschriefts (celebratory writing), library and exhibition catalogues, auction catalogues, bibliographies, and encyclopaedias. Currently the Institute of Musicology subscribes to about 20 scholarly journals, various music materials, such as recent prints and copies of older manuscripts as well as sound materials covering records, CDs, and audio cassettes. The collection totals more than 7,000 units, with yearly additions of more than 200 units. Information on literature acquired since 1991 is also available through the shared electronic database in the COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library system.

The Insitute of Musicology Library's collection also contains 820 books donated by Oxford Professor Reinhard Strohm in 2003. In 2007 a smaller corpus of literature in the Slovenian language was donated by the family of the late Head of the Institute Danilo Pokorn.

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