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Contact info
Jurčičeva nagrada
Cankarjeva 10b, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 244 4560
Fax386 (0) 1 244 4586
Founded byJosip Jurčič Foundation
 Slovene Writers’ Association
Organised byJosip Jurčič Foundation
Drago Demšar, President of the Board

The Jurčič Award was established in 1993 by the Josip Jurčič Foundation, established by Nova revija Publishing House and the Slovene Writers’ Association as an accolade recognising outstanding achievements in journalism, namely intellectual, authentic, responsible, and, above all, truthful writing in all fields of social life. Since 2008 the winners are appointed by the Board of the Josip Jurčič Foundation of the Nova revija Institute.

The award ceremony takes place every year on 4 March to celebrate the birthday of Josip Jurčič, a renowned Slovene author, journalist, and editor.

Among the past winners have been journalists or institutions covering mostly arts and culture topics: Radio Slovenia Third Channel - ARS, Alenka Zor Simoniti, Alenka Puhar, Bernard Nežmah, Helena Koder, Ženja Leiler, Peter Rak, and Darja Korez Korenčan.

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