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Kulturno umetniško društvo C3
Poljanski nasip 60, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Boštjan Bugarič
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Past Events
  • 28 January 2015
    Presentations by Boštjan Bugarič and Mateja Kurir (KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts) at the conference Microurbanism and water in metropolis at DEPOT in Vienna, Austria
  • 9 November to 30 November 2014
    Abajo por el agua, a project in micro-urbanism by KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts, at Santa Maria la Ribera in Mexico City, Mexico
  • 29 November 2012
    Boštjan Bugarič, KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts, presenting the CULBURB project - Stories from Zalog at Gallery MC in New York, USA

The KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts, established in 2000, is a platform for the research of urban public spaces. The main focuses of KUD C3 are the communities in urban environments and the relationship that inhabitants have to the space they live in. In their projects, KUD C3 chooses key places in urban environments and tries to involve the local community in transforming the socially-conditioned habitat. The projects take into account the architectural, economical, cultural, or gender-based characteristics of a certain urban settlement. The research of trends in urban studies focuses on interventions in public spaces in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Koper) and abroad (Central European cities, Mexico City). In 2018 the project Collective Housing: New Initiatives has presented, defined and disseminated topics of past and contemporary collective living, urban planning and architecture, urban solidarity practices, cooperation in neighborhood communities as well as progressive sustainable housing policies and housing models. 

Members of KUD C3 include architects, media artists, photographers, theorists, writers, and more.


Interventions in urban spaces

The project Reflection of Desire, which took place in 2008 in Ljubljana, addressed the issue of the city as a place of trade and/or meeting. Three installations in the city centre spurred an inquiry about desire as a perpetual mechanism and its relation to space.

The project "Zalograd" is an outcome of the project "Public City", initiated by STEALTH.unlimited and KUD C3. It was conducted in cooperation with Zalog Youth Centre, Moderna galerija and supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Slovenia. The project took place in Ljubljana's suburb Zalog, which involved underprivileged members of the local community in building an inclusive social place that transformed their public and communal space with minimal spatial interventions. The project in Zalog was also exhibited at the 7th edition of U3 Triennial of Contemporary Slovene Arts in 2013, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM). In the framework of the project CULBURB the Zalograd project was presented at Gallery MC in New York.

KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts 2012 Zalograd project.jpg

International cooperation

Since its inception KUD C3 has conducted several projects, involving international architects, urbanists, sociologists, and city planning experts.

In 2012–2013 KUD C3 was a co-organiser in the EU-funded project CULBURB, CULtural Acupuncture Treatment for SuBURBs of Cities in Central Europe, which involved organisations from Prague (project leader), Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna, and Warsaw. The acupuncture interventions in Ljubljana took place mainly in Zalog with the help of 4 art groups with the themes of The Meeting Stripe, Womenspace, Design Your City, Conversations, and Down By the Water.

In November 2014 KUD C3 collaborated with SPAZI and the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM, Mexico City) and various local partners in order to set up an urban laboratory. The intervention aimed at inclusion of local users in a more coherent development of the community. The international project The Hall of Mirrors tackles urban communities within a residential program of Casa Imelda in Mexico City. The project addressed mainly the usage of water and the community coexistence in the barrio of Santa Maria la Ribera in the Mexico City, which is a megalopolis built on a former lake, however, facing today a lack of clean water for its inhabitants.

In September 2015 an interactive Blind Date of European architects, planners and experts in urban development is to be organized in Ljubljana, in cooperation with Wonderland and the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Under the title Urban Realities three selected teams and local experts will collaborate to propose some solutions for reanimation of abandoned construction pits in the city of Ljubljana.

Collective Housing: New Initiatives

A two-day event was held in June 2018 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of LjubljanaCity Museum of Ljubljana (MGLM) and Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO, Ljubljana), focusing on topics related to collective housing. It took as na outlet strong traditions of collective housing developed in Germany, France, Austria and Slovenia in the 20th century, and tackled contemporary issues of degradation of collective housing estates as well as urban solidarity practices. Different aspects of the collective and its significance for urban living were examined anew: new visions for potential initiatives were discussed by Alessio Rosati (Rome), Davide Marchetti (Rome), Gabu Heindl (Vienna), Florian Köhl (Berlin), Frédéric Druot (Paris), Rémi Buscot (Paris), local stakeholders and initiatives. The purpose of the event was to define the role of different parties involved in the process of creating policies that regulate collective forms of housing such as cooperative and co-housing.

The event included a presentation of student housing projects and the presentation of results of a student study entitled The Collective Housing in Ljubljana from 1965 to the Present performed by the Design Studio of Prof Anja Planišček (Ljubljana).

KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts 2018 Collective Housing lecture Photo Nada Zgank.jpg

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