Klub Baza Ajdovščina

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Klub Baza Ajdovščina
Vipavska cesta 11a, SI-5270 Ajdovščina
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Klub Baza is an independent club in the town of Ajdovščina. Established in 2015, it is stationed at the former premises of the Student Club Ajdovščina, near the city centre. Launched by a self-initiative Klub Baza is run by a diverse collective of locals who craved for a venue in which various cultural activities (sometimes of a more alternative character) could take place.

Here, one can attend music concerts of all varieties (jazz, rock, metal, techno, etc.), see a photography or fine arts exhibition, listen to a travelogue lecture or even set up one's own gig or exhibition. Klub Baza Ajdovščina is also one of the stops for the Club Marathon.


The music concerts and events held at Klub Baza are very diverse. Among Baza's guests, one can mention the experimental jazz and metal hybrid Kayo Dot (US), the gypsy-punk band Kultur Shock (US), the post-punk Bernays propaganda (MK), the old school blues-rock trio Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa, the dub-centred Dubzilla, the pop-punk Trash Candy, the explorative jazz trio Rok Zalokar Trio, the reggae collective Raggalution and the rock/metal bands such as AVVEN, Werefox, Persons From Porlock, God Scard, etc.

Klub Baza also has a small gallery space where painting and photography exhibitions take place (predominately with works by younger artists, among them Taša Turk, Tea Curk Sorta, and Polona Ipavec). The place also hosted lectures on art ("How to watch paintings?") and book presentations (hosting, for example, one by Dragan Vuković (HR) of the Slušaj Naglasnije label). There were also fairs featuring works by local craftsman that deal with ceramics, clothing, home-made cosmetics, and so on. Travelogue lectures are among the more regular features at Klub Baza.

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