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Museum of Architecture and Design

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The Architecture Museum of Ljubljana was established in 1972 by the Municipality of Ljubljana. In April 2010 the management of the museum was transferred from the city to the state. Under the new name the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) is the central Slovene museum for architecture, town planning, industrial and graphic design, and photography. Since 1992 the Museum is located at Fužine Castle.

Since 1972 the Secretariat of the Biennial of Design (BIO) (formerly known as Biennial of Industrial Design) operates under the aegis of the museum. In 2017 under the auspices of MAO, the Centre for Creativity was established in order to support Slovenia's cultural and creative sector (CCS).

In 2015 the MAO launched the Future Architecture Platform, with an aim of communicating the social, environmental, economic and design potentials of architecture to the widest possible audiences across Europe. The open call was open to architects as well as to urban planners, curators, landscape architects, designers, artists, filmmakers, etc. First the selected applicants presented their ideas at the February Matchmaking Conference at MAO where they pitched their ideas, afterwards the Future Architecture programme of exhibitions, conferences, lectures and workshops ran during 2016–2017 across Europe.

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LUD Literatura

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Literatura Literary Artistic Association 2013 Mimoglasje.jpg

The LUD Literatura (LUD stands for Literary Artistic Association) was established in 1989 to publish the newly autonomous Literatura Magazine. In the following year the association also began publishing books.

Archive of residencies

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Bluesland Festival

updated 4 days ago

Bluesland Festival, Slovenia International Blues Festival is launched in June 2019, taking place in the courtyard of Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana City of Refuge (ICORN)

updated 3 days ago

In April 2011 Ljubljana became a member of the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN). Since 2006, more than 50 cities around the globe have joined the global network, and no less than 130 writers and artists have found shelter in an ICORN member city thus contributing to the freedom of expression in a practical way. Writers who were persecuted in their homeland as a direct consequence of their creative activities, are offered a 2 year residency to continue with their work, involved in a network of local and international cultural programmes.

In Slovenia the residency is managed by the Department for Culture of the City of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana City Library, in cooperation with the Slovene PEN Centre. So far Ljubljana has hosted Ali Amar and Zineb El Rhazoui (both from Morocco), and Girma T. Fantaye (Ethiopia). In May 2014 the Municipality of Ljubljana hosted the ICORN Network General Assembly.

Centre for Creativity

updated 4 days ago

The Centre for Creativity or CzK (Center za kreativnost) was established in 2017, as an interdisciplinary platform to support Slovenia's cultural and creative sector (CCS). It operates under the auspices of the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana. In 2018 a project office was established also in Maribor.

The platform CzK is co-financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Slovenia in the period 2017–2022.

Fru Fru Puppet Theatre

updated 2 weeks ago

Founded in 1984, Fru Fru Puppet Theatre is a repertory puppet theatre, producing performances based on communication with children through a combination of puppetry, acting, and live music. Now based at KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association, Fru Fru Puppet Theatre co-operates with numerous visual artists, puppet makers, and directors. Its productions have been presented widely in Slovenia and abroad and have received many awards.

Emona Promenade Festival

updated 2 weeks ago

Emona Promenade Festival is an annual international street festival, dedicated to the open-air theatre, puppetry and street circus offering a versatile programme with numerous genres, from theatre and puppet plays to various workshops for children and adults. Launched in 2001, it takes place traditionally every last weekend in August, before the start of the new school year.

At its very beginnings it was complementing the KUD France Prešeren's Trnfest Festival in the Ljubljana quarter Trnovo. Today the festival is run by the cultural centre for children and youth House of Children and Arts, its art director being Irena Rajh, the puppeteer-animator, pedagogue of puppet education and organizer of cultural events.

Indigo Festival

updated 2 weeks ago

Indigo Festival is an international festival of contemporary ideas, a festival platform for contemporary trends in art, culture, media, music, film, theatre and design that has been taking place in Ljubljana since 2016. It brings together cultural producers in the Ljubljana's quarter around Križevniška Street, French Revolution Square, Gosposka Street, New Square, Breg and Salendrova Street, where important Slovene cultural institutions are located, such as Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Mini Theatre, Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Festival Ljubljana, Secondary School for Design and Photography, Ljubljana and National and University Library. The festival aims to connect these cultural and scientific institutions with non-governmental organizations and creative individuals.

Its producers are Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and Marsh Creative Production. The festival core team consists of Blaž Peršin, Marko Maršićević, Jani Pirnat and Janja Buzečan.

CGU Printmaking Art Centre

updated 2 weeks ago

House! Society for People and Spaces established in 2014 its Printmaking Art Centre (CGU – Center grafičnih umetnosti), an on-going international workshop for printmaking art. It is currently located at GT22 in the Maribor old town centre.

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