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updated 5 days ago offers information on Slovene cultural producers, venues, festivals and support services, all in one place. It encourages international cultural exchange in the fields of arts, culture and heritage. The portal and its content is owned and funded by the Ministry of Culture and developed by Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory.

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Brussels

updated 5 days ago

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Brussels is responsible for Belgium, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, and African Union.

France Stele Institute of Art History

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The France Stele Institute of Art History is the central scientific research institution for art history in Slovenia which conducts research into fine arts and architecture from the Middle Ages to the mid-20th century, including the study, publishing, and commenting on archival sources for their historiography and interpretation. As one of the 17 institutes of the Scientific Research Centre at the Slovene Academy of Science and Arts (ZRC-SAZU), the Institute of Art History also maintains a library and documentation on Slovene art monuments and artists.

World Literatures - Fabula Festival

updated 6 days ago

Fabula Festival - Literature of the World festival is the biggest and most visited literary festival in Slovenia and the wider region. The Fabula Festival has been organised since 2004 by Študentska založba Publishing House, it has hosted many modern classics: the Nobel prize winning author Herta Müller, Irvine Welsh, Jonathan Franzen, Hanif Kureishi, Janice Galloway, Amitav Ghosh, David Grossman, Richard Flanagan, Taiye Selasi and many others.

Apart from the central literary guests, the accompanying programme enriches the festival every year, hosting the biggest thinkers of our time. The complete festival programme is designed for all generations and is accessible to every visitor. In the time of the festival, five books of the visiting authors are published in a special Fabula collection.


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Osmo/za is a collaborative space at the 8th floor of the Avtotehna 1960s skyscraper building at Slovenska 54 in the very centre of Ljubljana. It was set up in 2017 by a consortium of three NGO art/cultural producers with a rich and varied history: Ljudmila engages in the development and popularisation of open culture, free licences and software, and in new ways of data distribution; Delak Institute is a production house exploring post-gravity art and outlining a path for space culturalisation; the Projekt Atol Institute's activities range from art production to scientific research and technological prototype development and production.

Culture of Slovenia

updated 8 days ago

Slovenia on the Global Music Map

updated 3 days ago

Slovenian musicians and bands have a colourful history of international success in the music industry. But before such success becomes a topic of nostalgia, SIGIC's Peter Baroš tells of new initiatives helping today's music acts reach for the stars hanging over the global music map.


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Audiovisual Training and Networking

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The cultural and creative sectors (CCS), including film and audiovisual, have been amongst the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, which has also accelerated the existing trends in AV training and capacity building. The Motovila team explored how three Creative Europe co-funded AV training programmes for project development (with important connections to Slovenia) have been dealing with the sudden changes and effects imposed by the turbulent events of 2020.

The Hidden Gems of Slovenian Museums

updated 5 days ago

When you think of fascinating collections of objects from East Asia, visiting Slovenian museums probably doesn't even cross your mind. This perception is about to change as you embark on an exciting journey to discover hidden gems in the museum cellars and attics brought to Slovenia from China, Japan and Korea in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In this article, two researchers involved in the project East Asian Collections in Slovenia of the Department of Asian Studies at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana lead us on a tour of items from these lands that are tucked away in the repositories of Slovenian museums and reveal the unique stories of how they found their way to Slovenia. A must-read for anyone interested in ethnographic collections, especially those from East Asia.

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