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Kino Udarnik

updated 34 hours ago

Kino Udarnik is an old cinema hall built in 1935. In 2010 the Udarnik was re-opened after a few years hiatus, by the team of Zavod Udarnik, however, not coping with the costly rent and the meagre funding by the Municipality of Maribor the programme was cancelled in 2016

In 2018 the Kino Udarnik has been rented by another NGO, the team of SAK (Društvo za spoznavanje alternativne kulture) that had organised in Maribor a few editions of the Festival of Alternative Culture (FAK). The venue is open only at the time of events, for the beginning those will be mostly the concerts. In April Udarnik will host Laibach, in May the Gipsy Balcan Orchestra.

Slovene National Theatre Maribor

updated 7 days ago

One of three state-owned theatres in Slovenia, the Slovene National Theatre Maribor was established as a professional theatre in 1919. It is organised into five units: Drama, Opera, Ballet, Symphony orchestra, and the annual festival of Slovene theatre, the Maribor Theatre Festival.

SNG Maribor is a member of PERSPECTIV - Association of Historic Theatres in Europe and is included in the European Route of Historic Theatres.

Richard Galliano - Gallianissimo - Maribor Festival 2010 - Photo Dejan Bulut.JPG

Glej Theatre

updated 5 days ago

Established in 1970, Glej Theatre is the oldest independent performing arts venue in Ljubljana. An important theatre production and education institution, Glej has been striving to explore theatrical practices in novel and daring ways ever since its early days. It remains a place open to unorthodox approaches and theatrical research, fore-fronting the upcoming generations of artists.

Glej Theatre - 08.jpg

updated 6 days ago offers information on Slovene cultural producers, venues, festivals and support services, all in one place, a beta version was launched in April 2010 and developed to its full capacity in 2012. It encourages international cultural exchange in the fields of arts, culture and heritage.

Seviqc Brežice Festival

updated 3 days ago

Seviqc Festival Brezice (1).JPG

The Seviqc Brežice Festival was established in 1982 by Ars Ramovš, who is the founder, organiser and producer of the annual event. Since 2007 it has run under the name Seviqc Brežice (abbreviation for Semper viva quam creata - "Always live as created"). The festival connects high-quality international practitioners of Early Music with their counterparts from Slovenia. The concerts take place from late June up to November, usually at exquisite cultural heritage sites, mostly castles, palaces and churches of south-eastern Slovenia.

The programme premieres new and authentic material, carefully chosen to promote the diversity of European early music, from the late Middle Ages right up to the beginning of the 20th century. In doing so, the programme breaks all taboos surrounding Early Music, giving it an insightful and honest platform and bringing in new audiences every time. The festival also encourages young Slovene artists and musicologists to study, research, and perform Early Music.

Festival of Slovenian Film

updated 3 days ago

Festival of Slovenian Film 2017 banner.png

The Festival of Slovenian Film (Festival slovenskega filma or FSF) is classified as a national film festival as it offers an annual review of domestic film and television production. It is organised by the Slovenian Film Centre and it is staged annually in September or October, the length varies according to annual film production (usually for 2 to 4 days), at the Portorož Auditorium in the seaside resort of Portorož. It was established in 1991 as the Slovene Film Marathon but its roots go back to 1973 when the Slovene Film Week was organised for the first time in Celje. The main festival award is the Vesna Award.

Mladinsko Theatre

updated 3 days ago

Mladinsko Theatre 2016 Nase nasilje in vase nasilje at Wiener Festwochen.jpg

Mladinsko Theatre (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče) is one of two municipal theatres in Ljubljana and is considered to be a laboratory for actors and directors, choreographers and musicians to research and develop, risk and create. Throughout its history, Mladinsko has collaborated with the reformers of the Slovene theatre of the second half of the 20th century. The theatre regularly tours worldwide and was awarded the title European Ambassador of Culture by European Commission in 2008.

Through its current projects the theatre is dealing with the 'symptomisation' of the society, showing the detected symptoms via appropriate performative procedures. For this reason, public space becomes a performance space as well.

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Buenos Aires

updated 32 hours ago

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Buenos Aires is responsible also for Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Paraguay.

Koper Theatre

updated 2 weeks ago

Although the tradition of theatre in Koper goes back to the times of the Venetian Republic in the 15th century, Koper Theatre is the second youngest professional theatre in Slovenia. Established in 2001 as one of the two theatres in the coastal region of Slovenia, the theatre is praised for its stagings of comedies as well as performances for children.

The theatre is the main co-producer of the Primorska Summer Festival, which during the 1990s was actually its spiritual predecessor. Since 2003, together with Obalne galerije - Coastal Galleries the theatre publishes the Gledga magazine on cultural events in the city.

Photonic Moments – Month of Photography

updated 3 days ago

The Photonic Moments – Month of Photography was launched by Photon Gallery in Ljubljana in 2005 with the aim of presenting contemporary authorial photography developments in Central and South East Europe and its broader global context. In a region with just a few institutions that specialise in contemporary photography research and theory, the festival has grown into an important platform for networking, transitioning, and establishing new cultural connections.

In 2014, the festival first joined with the Video in Progress Festival, which in 2018 is due to become a section of Photonic Moments.

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