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KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts

updated 34 hours ago

The KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts, established in 2000, is a platform for the research of urban public spaces. The main focuses of KUD C3 are the communities in urban environments and the relationship that inhabitants have to the space they live in. In their projects, KUD C3 chooses key places in urban environments and tries to involve the local community in transforming the socially-conditioned habitat. The projects take into account the architectural, economical, cultural, or gender-based characteristics of a certain urban settlement. The research of trends in urban studies focuses on interventions in public spaces in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Koper) and abroad (Central European cities, Mexico City). Members of KUD C3 include architects, media artists, photographers, theorists, writers, and more.

KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts 2008 Odsev zelje.jpg

In Memoriam Prof. Peter Hafner Festival

updated 2 days ago

The In Memoriam Prof. Peter Hafner Festival was first organised under this name in 2009, as a successor of sorts to the "Alter-Fest" that first appeared in 2005 at the Rdeča ostriga Club. In the beginning, Alter-Fest took place for only one evening and its line-up more or less consisted of punk bands. In the years to come, the festival widened its musical scope, forming a more varied and well-recognised programme. This development was partly due to the guidance of and help from Peter Hafner, a local music enthusiast, DJ, cultural activist, and mathematics professor, who unfortunately passed away in 2009. Thus, Alter-Fest got a new name.

Drama Festival

updated 2 days ago

The Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana launched its Drama Festival in 2014 with the première of the new performance Marina Abramović or How I Lost My Way to Antigone produced by the Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Novo mesto and the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana. The 2015 edition opened with the performance Trieste, a City at War a co-production by the Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste and the associations Il Rossetti and Casa del Lavoratore, Trieste.

The programme of Drama Festival comprises a few selected productions of Slovene theatre houses as well as some outstanding performances from theatres in Croatia and Serbia. Thus it has presented the Zagreb Gavella Drama Theatre and Croatian National Theatre, the Novi Sad Theatre, Serbia, as well as the Croatian National Theatre in Split. Next to post-performance talks with actors and directors, panel discussions focused on Ivan Cankar's dramatic work, or recent interpretations of Hamlet. Round tables tackled the approaches to modern adaptations of classic dramatic texts and literary prose, and the staging of Japanese modern Nô plays.

An evening concert programme takes place in the recently-opened Drama Café and in the garden behind the Drama, with selections of refreshing music by composers frequently working in theatre: Boštjan Gombač, Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, Laren Polič Zdravič or Aldo Kumar.

Deuje babe Festival

updated 6 days ago

The Deuje babe Festival was set up by C.M.A.K. Cerkno in 2013 as a way to commemorate the International Women's Day. As such, it runs a programme that aims to forefront the work and position of women in society, presenting their artistic and cultural endeavours and promoting gender equality and feminist standpoints. Of a similar nature is also the Ljubljana based International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, which occasionally acts as a co-producer and takes place at roughly the same time.

The name of the festival is derived from a local archaeological site, where – so goes local folklore – wild hags (deuje babe) used to live. Besides C.M.A.K., the festival sometimes takes place also at the Film Theatre Idrija and some other venues in the region.

Deuje babe Festival 2017 poster.svg

Mountain Film Festival

updated 8 days ago

Dedicated to exploring and presenting various facets of mountain culture, the Mountain Film Festival got established in 2007. Since than it has been running a strong international programme that encompasses various films about mountain sports (mountaineering, mountain running, B.A.S.E jumping, etc), different types of climbing (from bouldering to ice climbing), mountain wildlife, the life of indigenous mountain dwellers, and so on.

The festival does not limit itself to films only, but also hosts lectures (featuring prominent guests from the international climbing community like Dean Potter, Adam Ondra, Lynn Hill, Chris Bonington, Kurt Diemberger and many others), exhibitions, round tables, book presentations and a children's programme. As such it is striving to enrich the way mountaineering culture is perceived and represented. With years the festival has grown to the point where it’s now comparable to the biggest and most important mountain film festivals worldwide.

Mountain Film Festival 2014 A film festival poster exhibition.jpg

Embassy of Georgia in Slovenia

updated 3 weeks ago

The Embassy of Georgia in Slovenia provides consular, economic, and cultural services.

British Council Slovenia

updated 3 weeks ago

Since 1992 the office of the British Council Slovenia has been engaging widely in one form or another in the Slovene educational, social, and cultural scene through its cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions, ministries, and independent programmers.

Today the Art programme of the BC Slovenia is dedicated to Creative and Cultural Economy in order to present the best of British creative talent in Slovenia and create partnerships, sharing the UK's expertise and experience in the creative industries and develop leadership, professional networks and skills.

British Council Slovenia delivers high quality internationally recognised examinations and provides expertise and training opportunities for teachers, policy makers and learners.

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Slovenia

updated 3 weeks ago

The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Slovenia provides consular, economic, and cultural services. Consular affairs consist of providing information and assistance to Croatian citizens residing in or visiting Slovenia.

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Slovenia

updated 3 weeks ago

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Slovenia is also a promoter of Chinese culture in Slovenia, facilitating bilateral cooperation in this field.

In April 2011 the Agreement on Cooperation between the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia was signed, stressing cooperation at book fairs as particularly important.

Recent arts & culture initiatives

In 2010 the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Slovenia together with the Chinese Writers Association and the Slovene Writers’ Association organised a literary tour of Slovene youth literature authors in China. Andrej Rozman Roza, Lila Prap, Cvetka Bevc and Janja Vidmar, together with a youth literature expert Igor Saksida and the representatives of the Miš Publishing House presented their work in Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Beijing published a bilingual catalogue. In 2012 Chinese authors are going to present their work in Slovenia.

Instituto Cervantes Liubliana

updated 3 weeks ago

In April 2005 the Instituto Cervantes Liubliana (also called Aula Cervantes), a branch of the Instituto Cervantes (IC) network, was opened in Ljubljana. Its establishment was based on an agreement signed between Instituto Cervantes and the University of Ljubljana. Aula Cervantes in Ljubljana offers a reading room and a library containing literature, textbooks, and multimedia items.

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