Lendava-Lendva International Fine Arts Colony

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Contact info
Mednarodna likovna kolonija Lendava-Lendva
Banffyjev trg 1, SI-9220 Lendava-Lendva
Phone386 (0) 2 578 9260
Organised byLendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum

Established in 1973, Lendava-Lendva International Fine Arts Colony is the second oldest art colony in Slovenia, and has hosted over 160 artists, painters as well as sculptors, since its inception. The colony is run by Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum, which over the years has been collecting a selection of the artworks conceived at the annual colony – today its collection contains over 350 artworks.

Background and development

The project was initiated by Lendava sculptor Ferenc Király, holder of the prestigious Hungarian Munkacsy Award, who invited artists from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and other countries. Király has remained the artistic director of the colony for 25 years. Since 1996 the colony's development has been marked by Franc Gerič, the first director of the newly established Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum.

New infrastructural facilities (a bronze casting foundry, a marble workshop, an earthenware kiln for ceramics works, a print making studio) have improved the working conditions for the artists and enabled them to realise more ambitious works. The variety of technical means puts Lendava colony in a unique position in Europe.

Network of international colonies

The organiser's focus is on the international networking and broadening of the participants and audiences circles. Since 1994 Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum and Lindart Association of young artists from Lendava have been co-producing the more innovative LindArt International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony for emerging artists and art students. The museum also runs a winter colony at Lendava Castle which takes place at the end of January, when artists are invited to produce works related to various folk customs. In 2002 Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum also helped to establish the International Fine Arts Colony Monošter-Szentgotthárd in Hungary.

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