Live After Death Festival

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Live After Death


386 (0) 5 769 0056

Organised by

TIC Štanjel



Festival dates

3.7.2015 - 4.7.2015
1.7.2016 - 2.7.2016

TIC Štanjel, Uroš Simčič

Štanjel 1, SI-6222 Štanjel


386 (0) 5 769 0056

The last edition of the festival took place in 2016.

Archival article

The Live After Death Festival was initiated as Metal Mania Open Air Festival as the first Slovene metal festival. It takes place annually at a local football field in Komen in the Kras region, which among other things is also known as a Slovene wine growing region. Since 2002 the festival has delivered numerous metal performers, including legendary American and Scandinavian head-liners. The festival displays numerous metal subgenres, such as trash, death, black, heavy/speed, power metal and grind.


The festival has a great role in promoting Slovene metal bands and gives them a chance to present themselves on a large stage alongside the foreign head-liners. It has hosted big metal names such as Dying Fetus, Entombed, Exodus, Impaled Nazarene, Pro-Pain, Rotten Sound and Slovene bands such as Dickless Tracy, Interceptor, Vulvathrone just to name a few. The festival was not realised three times, in the years of 2004, 2009 and 2010, but in 2011 it came back with a loud bang, or head-banging to be more precise. If you are a part of the metal subculture, do not miss the metal caravan in the mid of August in Komen. Camping for the visitors is free of charge.

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