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MJ Manifesta Journal (first six editions)
Tomšičeva 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 6800
Published byModerna galerija
Manifesta Foundation

Phone31 20 672 1435

MJ Manifesta Journal is an international magazine focused on the theories and practices of contemporary curatorship. It is based on the concept developed by curators Viktor Misiano (Moscow) and Igor Zabel (Ljubljana), chief editors of the first generation of MJ Manifesta Journal being published between 2003 and 2005 by Moderna galerija and the International Foundation Manifesta (IFM).

After Igor Zabel, the Manifesta 3 coordinator and senior curator of the Moderna Galerija, passed away in July 2005, the recollection of the first five issues of the MJ Manifesta Journal including the new sixth addition was published in 2008 as a tribute to him.


Three years after Manifesta 3, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, which was held in Ljubljana in the summer 2000 under the topic Do You Suffer From A Borderline Syndrome? Where do YOU draw the line?, Viktor Misiano and Igor Zabel conceived the MJ Manifesta Journal. The first six issues were dedicated to the following curatorial topics: The Revenge of the White Cube?, Biennials (both in 2003), Exhibition as a Dream, Teaching Curatorship (both in 2004), Artist & Curator and Archive and Memory of the Show (both in 2005).

In 2008 the International Foundation Manifesta and the Italian publisher Silvana Editoriale reprinted the first issues in one volume and since 2009 continue to print the biannual MJ Manifesta Journal, with Viktor Misiano still as chief editor.

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