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Matrix Music
Stegne 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 5 901 3121
Fax386 (0) 5 901 3125
Primož Pečovnik, Director

Matrix Music is a record label which dates back to 1994, when it was established with the aim of supporting the emerging Slovene electronic music production. Predominantly featuring dub, electronics, tech-house and techno, Matrix Music released about 20 vinyl EPs and also some albums by artists such as Torul, Beitthron, Random Logic, Silence, Kosta, and Amfibia.

A big part of their output are compilations: the classic Trans Slovenia Express project, co-released with Mute Records in 1994; the very successful Rock the Discotheque series by Valentino Kanzyani; some emerging Slovene artists compilations; and some mix CDs by various artists like DJ Umek and others. There is also the sub-label Explicit Musick, which was set on releasing mixes by internationally renowned artists, amongst whom one can find DJ Rush, Slam, Kevin Saunderson, Marco Bailey, etc.

For a time, they also acted as a licence partner with the INTEC publishing company, led by Carl Cox. In recent years Matrix Music has ceased with their own publishing activities and rather focuses on representing and distributing independent foreign labels in Slovenia and Croatia.

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