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Random Logic
Gregor Zemljič
Miha Klemenčič
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Formed in 1994, Random Logic comprises pioneers of the Slovene electronic scene Gregor Zemljič and Miha Klemenčič and is a project that decidedly marked the following decade of Slovene techno and experimental music. The duo, working under various monikers such as aa(4), Amderma, Anorak, Jeremdam, Medvedek Robotek, Paldrame, Postor, Savinto and Tadpole, have released records on numerous labels, including Tehnika, rx:tx, Absense, Communiqué, The Black Label, Planet Rhythm, Tresor, etc, and their music appeared on a number of Slovene as well as foreign compilations. They have also done remixes for various artists such as Laibach, Silence and Umek. Top techno/electronics DJs have played their records worldwide. Till now, they released only one LP in 2001 called Numrebs; another LP is currently in the making.


Known for performing their live act with the use of a surround sound system, worth mentioning is their Zvočni krog ("Sound Circle") project, performed at the U3 Triennial of Contemporary Slovene Arts. Favouring a multidisciplinary approach that de-constructs musical boundaries by their interaction with space, sensation and technology, they have also written a lot of music for major and alternative theatre, ballet and experimental art performances. Among others, they have collaborated with Marko Peljhan, and Goran Bogdanovski and Fičo Ballet, EnKnapGroup (EKG), Wax Factory New York, Matjaž Farič, Mateja Bučar, Maja Delak (Emanat Institute) and Mala Kline. They have also done music for films and were part of the group that launched the label rx:tx.

"Frouht", a song from their 2001 album Numrebs.

Both members have engaged in a number of projects separately. Among other things, Gregor Zemljič was a lecturer at the SAE Institute in Zagreb and at the Faculty for Social Sciences in Ljubljana. He founded the Earresistible Mastering in 1999 with Valentino Kanzyani and for the next decade (besides doing mastering for countless foreign top notch dance music producers) a big part of Slovenian electronic & alternative music history was produced, mixed & mastered there by the two of them. His work ranges from complete productions for commercial dance projects and mainstream pop acts to original music and sound effects design for high profile theatre and dance performances, TV commercials, films, websites and social events.

Miha Klemenčič released a techno EP called Head Rush in 2000. In 2005, he founded Puna Syndicate with Tomaž Šuštar, another of the founders of rx:tx label, on which they also released an album in 2006. Besides still writing music for dance theatre projects, he has recently been working with Zofka Institute on some of their puppet shows.


In 2000 Random Logic was awarded the Studio City Boomerang Award (alternative Slovene music award) for the best live techno act in Slovenia and the first prize at the 2002 Radio France International Musiques Electroniques Award for the best electronic project in Central and Eastern Europe.

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