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Contact info
Občina Brežice
Cesta prvih borcev 18, SI-8250 Brežice
Phone386 (0) 7 620 5500
Fax386 (0) 7 499 0052
Ivan Molan, Mayor
Phone386 (0) 7 620 5533

Brežice Municipality covers a total area of 268 square kilometres and has a population of 24,084 people (2019) living in 109 settlements. The town of Brežice has 6,813 inhabitants.

The Social Activities Department of Brežice Municipality monitors the legislation implementation related to culture, preserving municipal buildings, covering the running costs of the library programme, and facilitating both professional and amateur cultural activities. It gives opinions on cultural monuments and co-finances symposia, monographs and other publications.

The Municipality has no direct involvement with programmes or projects and does not organise any events. However, it plays an important role in local culture through the establishment of some public cultural institutions, contracting and funding these and other cultural projects as well as looking after the preservation of cultural monuments such as the castles at Brežice, Bizeljsko and Pišece, several churches and many technical monuments and historical farms and mills.

The Museum of the Posavje Region, Brežice is located in Brežice Castle, which is a municipal property. The Seviqc Brežice Festival is a broadly acclaimed international cultural event, while the Brežice Summer Palette programme is more locally-oriented.

Brežice Municipality has 29 cultural associations, and their activities are facilitated by the Brežice Union of Cultural Societies. The local branches of the Union of Cultural Societies of Slovenia (ZKDS) and the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia (JSKD) facilitate the activities of local cultural organisations and act as mediators in respect of state and municipal funding. Once a year the regional branch office of the Public Fund of Cultural Activities announces and administers a competition for financial support, which is open to associations, their unions and new civil initiatives. The criteria are set in co-ordination with the Municipality. In 2003 the sum of €74,100 was allocated.

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