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Občina Piran-Pirano
Tartinijev trg 2, SI-6330 Piran-Pirano
Phone386 (0) 5 671 0300
Fax386 (0) 5 671 0308
Đenio Zadković, Mayor
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The Municipality of Piran-Pirano covers a total area of 45 square kilometres and has a population of 16,300 people (2002) living in 11 settlements. With a history which stretches back to the Roman Empire, the town of Piran is the administrative centre of the municipality.

The epartment for Social Activities of Piran-Pirano Municipality is responsible for social and health care, education and sports, as well as for public culture and cultural heritage preservation. The local branches of the Union of Cultural Societies of Slovenia (ZKDS) and the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia (JSKD) facilitate the activities of around 14 cultural associations with about 420 members and act as mediators in respect of state and municipal funding.

Piran is a member of the Slovene Association of Historic Towns. In September 1998 Piran hosted the annual meeting of the Walled Towns Friendship Circle of Europe, which is based in the Welsh town of Tenby. Piran is at present the only member of this organisation from Slovenia. On this occasion the Piran Declaration ( was signed by several foreign state representatives, including the British Culture Secretary.

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