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Even though the members of naio ssaion have been playing together since 1999, the band itself came into being in 2003. That year they decided to record some of their power-full, rock and nu-metal sounding music, with its very distinctive sonic quality, by introducing female vocals and an electric violin. Their musical and stage show quality soon led them outside the borders of Slovenia, gaining them global recognition in their specific sub-genre and a lot of stage experience.


Shortly after the band formed, they locked themselves in a studio at Tivoli Productions in Ljubljana together with producer Dejan Radičevič and set to work, trying to distil the vigour and energy of their live act into a digital format. In April 2004 CPZ, in cooperation with Nika Records, published the band's first album, entitled Numedia. It was well received by the Slovene audience; still, the turning point in naio ssaion's music career was an international band competition held at the Club Orpheum in Austria. They beat over 70 other bands to win the Best Newcomer 2004 Award, which led to them playing a concert with superstars P!nk in Piberstein, Austria.

In 2005 they supported Lenny Kravitz in Ljubljana and later the same year also signed a contract with the Austrian label Napalm Records. They released a record called Out Loud, which partly builds on songs from the previous album, now sung in English, but with some new material as well.

In their career so far, they have also collaborated with Rožmarinke, Big Foot Mama, and (besides the aforementioned Lenny Kravitz and P!nk) played alongside Apocalyptica, Ill Nino, and In Extremo. Their song The Mirror was featured on a compilation released by the Metal Hammer magazine. Between 2006 and 2011, they took a short pause and only started playing live again in 2011, with a new album scheduled for 2012.

Naio ssaion video for a song

Band members

The band used to be made up of Barbara Jedovnicky (vocals), Rok Kolar (violin), Tine Čas (guitar), Luka Verdnik (guitar), Lenart Jerabek (bass), and Mitja Melanšek-Mic (drums). In the new line-up, the vocalist Barbara and guitarist Tine were replaced by Mojca Zalar on vocals and a new musician on guitar.

The new vocalist also makes music under the name MojcART. The music is rock oriented and melodically somewhat similar to naio ssaion.

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