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Studio Tivoli
Celovška cesta 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 690 199
Aco Razbornik

Studio Tivoli Productions is a company for the production, printing, distribution and sale of video and audio media. Since 1973 the studio has been cooperating with many well-known Slovene and foreign bands and musicians, such as Jose Carerras, Andrea Bocelli, RTV Slovenia Big Band, Bajaga, Big Foot Mama, Laibach, Magnifico, and so on. The studio's list of references reads like a "Who's Who" in Slovene popular music.

Studio Tivoli Productions is the oldest studio in this part of Europe.During its over 40 years of experience and tradition, many great artists have created over 500 albums. In addition, many live recordings, TV music, restorations of old audio materials and masterings have been produced here. The studio uses many different components to create a mixing board that has a unique sound.

As the result of many years of research and development, Studio Tivoli also owns some original products. One of them is the famous one-of-a-kind original circuits design "Suming Mix Bus Direct to Tube® mixing desk", with a U67 tube microphone preamp, line tube amp, MC tube phono riaa preamp, hi-fi equipment, digital analogue converters both high speed transformerless, pure Class A, no feedback NFB, 350 volt triode tube design.

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