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Regionalna razvojna agencija (RRA) Notranjsko-kraške regije d.o.o.
Prečna ulica 1, SI-6257 Pivka
Phone386 (0) 5 721 2240
Fax386 (0) 5 721 2245
Boštjan Požar, Director

The Notranjska-Carst Regional Development Agency was established as limited liability company in 2000 by the five municipalities of Postojna, Pivka, Cerknica, Loška dolina and Bloke, and by 12 institutions: the Institute for Tourism Postojna, the Regional Chambers of Crafts in Postojna and Cerknica, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), the Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts and the Public Fund for Regional Development of Population Preservation in the Countryside. One of the agency's first tasks was to prepare the Regional Development plan 2003–2006 for the Notranjska-Karst region, which presents a basis for state co-funding. Covering 7.2 per cent of Slovenia, the south western region of Notranjska-Carst is the country’s least-populated territory, with developmental problems and a general demographic decrease. However, a good position and preserved natural and cultural landscape should offer opportunities for development. The Regional Development Programme sets out, among other tasks, a strategy for tourism in the Carst region, which is conceived as a series of partnerships for building tourist and recreation infrastructures or developing alternative forms of tourism. It includes developmental plans for a regional park at Snežnik, Cerknica lake, Planina field and Pivka lakes.

Other priorities include building crafts and business zones, establishing a regional Euro Info Centre and setting up an Innovative Network. A common product will also be devised for the region and regional ecology programmes stimulated. As soon as the Regional Development Plan had been devised, the Agency started to monitor the implementation of priority projects, including the People’s University Postojna project, countryside developmental programmes, and educational and economic projects such as the In-Prime programme of Primorska and a credit scheme for Pivka and Postojna Municipalities. Due to scarce funding cultural projects are not so numerous within the programme structure. The agency co-ordinates the work of local development organisations, monitoring their projects and offering advice and assistance to applicants.

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