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Odzven - spletna revija o glasbi
Trg francoske revolucije 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone385 (0) 1 241 2080
Luka Zagoričnik, Editor

Past Events
  • 30 May 2012


    2 Jun 2012

    Germany Munich


    Odzven.si at the international forum for classical and art music Classical:NEXT

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Odzven Magazine 2011.jpgCover of printed version Odzven.si, Odzven 2011

Published by SIGIC, Odzven.si is an online music magazine established in January 2011. It consists of essays, interviews, expert opinions, and reviews of different concerts, CDs, books, and movies written by recognisable writers such as Brigita Rovšek, Luka Zagoričnik, Žiga Pucelj, Aleš Rojc, Gregor Pompe, Igor Bašin, Urša Šivic, and Goran Kompoš.

The magazine's goal is to inform diverse readers about newest events and offer in-depth reflection of music events. Editors are open to a wide variety of music and different views on it. With their high quality and interesting writing the magazine would like to encourage a range of profiles: musicians and music professionals, educators, students, and music lovers. At the first anniversary in January 2012 Odzven was also published as printed compendium of articles issued during its first year.

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