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Contact info
Salon za Eno glasbo
Vrtača 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Managed byOne Music Society
Urška Demšar
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One Music Salon is a curious mixture of a (house) concert venue, music cycle and even a sort of a production studio, which is since 2015 stationed at the premises of the Pirkmajer Vila in Ljubljana. Opened in 2013 by One Music Society, the Salon hosts weekly Saturday concerts by mostly Slovenian musicians and occasional foreign guests. Though no specific boundaries are set, the music often revolves around different, very broadly and non-exclusively understood folk idioms.

The attendees have to apply in advance and in order to attend have to become members of the society. The place has a policy of a self-regulated community, which also goes with regards to paying entry fees and drinks.

The people who participate in setting up the Salon evenings are rather experienced in various fields of music production and the concerts are professionally recorded, usually by the renowned producer Janez Križaj. Videos are also made and regularly uploaded on Youtube, thus providing a comprehensive insight into the current new music incursions presented at the Salon. Some of the music has also been published at the One Music Society net-label.

Some of the musicians performing at the Salon were Symbolic Orchestra, Terrafolk, Najoua, Brencl Banda, Matija Solce, Bojan Cvetrežnik, Nina Novak and Čedahuči; many of them come from the Celinka Agency creative constellation.

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