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The fluid and ever-changing collective Symbolic Orchestra first appeared in 2003, when they were an 11-piece band under the guidance of the multi-instrumentalist Bojan Cvetrežnik, otherwise also a member of Terrafolk and the head of One Music Society. Since then, they've been playing in many different formats (as a duo, trio, quartet, etc., and also as a 50- or even 140-piece collective), creating a pan-European musical melange that feeds from a myriad of trans-historical musical expressions.

The members of the orchestra are nevertheless more or less classically trained string players. They have co-opted and cooperated with a number of musicians from abroad – more than a hundred of them, actually, coming from altogether 15 different countries. Due to this international cast, they have sometimes performed under the name European Symbolic Orchestra.


Together with the spiritus movens of the orchestra, Bojan Cvetrežnik, the violinists Klemen Bračko (member of Godalika) and Matija Krečič form the core of the band. Other musicians featured in the orchestra are (or have been) Danijel Černe a.k.a. Mystica (also a founding member of Terrafolk) (guitar), Srečko Meh (violin), Dejan Gregorič (violin), Barja Drnovšek (violin, vocal), Urška Demšar (violin, vocal), Eva Jurgec (oboe, vocal), Maja Drčar (vocal), Tina Čeh (viola), Tilen Artač (cello), Luka Dukarič (viola), Jošt Lampret (double bass), and many more.

Of the 100 hundred foreign guests, one could name Jean Christophe Gairard (FR), Emilio Castiello (FR), Rina Kaçinari (XK) and Ida Meidell Blylod (SE). Ida has been especially involved in the orchestra and has together with them led music workshops. She and some of the members of the orchestra also have a band Ida & Other Bears (or, occasionally, Ida & Symbolic Bears).

Performances, workshops and recordings

Symbolic Orchestra has been incessantly touring around Slovenia and the world. They have had numerous gigs with the group Terrafolk and have also collaborated with the famous Slovene poet Svetlana Makarovič.

Besides the countless gigs on streets all around Europe, the orchestra has played at Layer House, One Music Salon, Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre, Prulček bar, Celica Hostel, Kosovel Culture House Sežana, the Slovene Philharmonic, the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Zlati zob Ethno club, Kamfest, HISTeRIA Festival, Sanje ('Dreams') Festival, Lent Festival, etc. They have also repeatedly taken the stage in France (for example, at Studio de l’ermitage), Italy, Croatia, and Belgium.

The Symbolics (as they occasionally style themselves) are involved in different workshops (both for children as well as grown-ups), which they sometimes organise together with One Music Society. Though the collective has not been very active in publishing their music, they have released an album on the One Music Society's label.

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