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Contact info
Ulica aktivistov 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 220 006
Published byZ.O.P. - Zavod za oblikovanje prostora
Nina Granda, Editor-in-chief
Matevž Granda, Art director
Online accounts:
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Published since May 2015, Outsider is an internationally-minded quarterly magazine, primarily focused on "spatial" culture. As such, it takes architectural and urban issues as a starting point, but then expands them with a myriad of their cultural, social and personal contexts. Consequently, the magazine deals with design, urban planning, literature, photography, architectural trends and history, illustration, and also just curious personalities from in-between these coordinates.

Though often addressing current issues, it strives to produce content of a relatively lasting value. Using a variety of formats, the magazine features interviews, (semi)long-reads, photographic presentations, reviews, reflections, and so on. Since October 2018 the magazine has organised moderated discussions on pertinent architectural and creative issues in the Outsider Gallery, a new venue in the old town of Ljubljana.

Media format

Alongside the physical editions (which sport a tendency for experiment, trying out, for example, different types of print and paper), Outsider naturally also runs a website. There, a selection of the printed articles is freely available and adapted for the web environment, complemented with some content produced exclusively for the web. An example of this is a weekly "soap opera" of illustrated short stories, and also occasional responses to current events.

International edition

The magazine also runs a German language edition, intended mostly for Austrian audiences. These issues are published parallel to the Slovenian ones in that they share some of the content, but can also further expand on particular topics and omit some others.

Themes and topics

One of Outsider's slogans is that it presents the best Slovene architecture and design, and examples of this do feature very strongly. With the magazine's editorial board and writer more or less made up of architects, such a focus is well founded.

The average issue is segmented into 7 thematic chapters. One of them is reserved for columnists (mostly Slovenians who live or work abroad), and the others revolve around topics like "Places of Learning", "People in Architecture", "The Local", "Illustration", and so on. In each issue, particular architects are taken into account, such as, for example, Adolf Loos or Maks Fabiani.

Outsider sometimes runs various public interventions, such as a public call (enacted together with the Institute for Spatial Policies) for proposals about refugee housing, or a search for the best project of adapting a "typical Slovene house". It collaborates with the Open House Slovenia festival and the Library under the Treetops project. Also amongst its activities, one can find such events as a "culinary debate" on transgressing (culinary) borders.

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