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Contact info
Razstava Partizansko Pohorje
Lukanja 19, SI-2317 Oplotnica
Phone386 (0) 2 805 5356
Fax386 (0) 2 805 5351
Managed bySlovenska Bistrica Cultural Institute
Slovenska Bistrica Cultural Institute
Phone386 (0) 2 805 5356

The exhibition on the Pohorje Battalion was installed at Osankarica in 1961. A special annex was added in 1978 to house the Pohorje Partisan Exhibition, which presents developments in the wider area of the Pohorje mountain range, the cradle of partisan resistance in Štajerska during the Second World War.

The exhibition is set into an adjacent room of the Osankarica lodge. It is open only on request. You should contact the Slovenska Bistrica Cultural Institute (cf. Slovenska Bistrica Castle at least 5 days before your visit.

Exhibition and the site

Special attention is paid to the last stand by fighters of the Pohorje Battalion at Osankarica on 8 January 1943. After fighting overwhelmingly superior German forces for two and a half hours, 69 fighters, including women, lost their lives. Only one partisan was captured alive by the Germans and he was later shot as a hostage. The Pohorje Battalion became a legend in the resistance of the Slovenes against the occupation, and its principal heroes were the aged local peasant Alfonz Šarh and his three sons, who were still minors.

In 1957 a memorial was erected at the site of the last battle of the Pohorje Battalion at Osankarica, a 20-minute walking distance from the Osankarica lodge.

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