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Poligon Creative Centre was a Ljubljana based co-working space that opened its doors in 2014. Home to several intertwined creative communities, the place was used by an international cast of individuals involved in social entrepreneurship, creative economies and art. Besides offering office facilities, Poligon also ran a programme of cultural, educational and social events. When intitially set up, it was the first such an enterprise in Slovenia.

In winter of 2019, Poliogn's lease contract was terminated by the premises owners. Poligon as a co-working place is thus currently hibernating, with the core team searching for new premises.

Poligon often served as a venue and production space for various cultural producers and festivals. It has hosted MENT Ljubljana, the Strictly Analog Festival, the Boben and Lajna Festival, art programmes by Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, and so on. It also co-produced Indigo, the Festival of Contemporary Ideas.

Archival article

This whole endeavour partly stems from a co-working programme that was held at Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture in 2012. It was coordinated by the Slovenia Coworking collective, of which the main protagonists and now also heads of the Poligon project are Luka Piškorič, Eva Perčič and Marko Orel.

The second pivotal point was the Pop-up dom (The Pop-up Home) project, headed by the Rompom Institute and the design company Ljudje. First held in 2012, it is a temporary "store" for products (mainly furniture and unique interior design solutions) by Slovene makers, artists and designers. In 2013, it was held in the defunct tobacco factory, on the same premises that now house the Poligon Creative Centre.

Capacity and activities

Spread out on 800m2, Poligon offers its "residents" 60 desks, 7 offices, 1 conference room, a photo studio, and a so called laboratory with tools for rapid 3D prototyping and product development (headed by the Poligon Maker Lab collective). There is also a bar for hanging out, a store with selected designer goods, a library and large event space.

Besides offering a working space to (mainly) creative industries freelancers, artists and various start ups at affordable prices, Poligon also engages in organising various workshops, lectures, exhibitions and social events. It thus strives to connect the various communities, serving as a platform where self-employed Slovene makers and creators can network and collaborate.

Nurturing a vibrant and open community, Poligon is often frequented by foreigners looking for not only a space to work, but also to meet people.

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Poligon kreativni center +
Poligon kreativni center +
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Poligon Creative Centre was a Ljubljana based co-working space that opened its doors in 2014. +
Poligon Creative Centre was a Ljubljana based co-working space that opened its doors in 2014. +
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