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Festival Strictly Analog
Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 426 9530
Tina Dolinšek, Executive producer

Frequencyannual (not due in 2018)
Festival dates9.12.2017

The last edition of the festival took place in 2017.

Archival article

Set up by the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory in 2013 , the Ljubljana-based Strictly Analog Festival is an emanation of the Strictly Analog Studio network. Through exhibit rooms, free spaces, laboratories, and events, this Graz, Trieste, Toyko and – as of 2013 – Ljubljana located network facilitates the possibilities of and creative expressions through analogue culture, which otherwise is nowadays more and more supplemented by the ubiquitous digitisation.

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Though not in any way against digital technologies, the Strictly Analog Festival (or, as it is also called, Strictly Analog Ljubljana) presents artists who deal in organic, analogue sounds, visuals and patterns. Their work is by way of audiovisual events, discussions, workshops, transitory objects and social interventions presented at different locations in Ljubljana. With its core events hosted by Poligon Creative Centre and in 2015 Cirkulacija 2, some of its outposts have also been Metelkova, MoTA Point, and some other urban public spaces.


As it is, the Strictly Analog Festival is an international joint project and has a number of ties with its partner institutions in Graz, Trieste, and Tokyo. Furthermore, it has also collaborated with the local based Lighting Guerrilla Festival, MoTA Museum of Transitory Art, and Projekt Atol Institute.

Strictly Analog Festival 2015 RaumZeitPiraten Photo Miha Peterlic.jpgThe Austrian collective RaumZeitPiraten and their acousto-optic machines at Strictly Analog Festival, 2015

Some of the invited artists were OchoReSotto (AT), Casperelectronics(US), Regolith (AT), VirageVisuals (IT), Gernot Tutner (AT), RaumZeitPiraten (AT) and a number of local artists (Niplodok, Izland, Zergon, Saša Spačal, Tilen Sepič, etc.).

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