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Založba Rokus Klett d.o.o.
Stegne 9b, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 513 4600
Fax386 (0) 1 513 4699
Maruša Kmet, Director
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Past Events

Rokus Publishing House was founded in 1991 and is the largest publisher of textbooks and learning materials in Slovenia. In 2004 they were acquired by the German publishing house Ernst Klett Sprachen, upon which Rokus Klett Publishing House was established. Subsequently, new branch offices were opened in Belgrade, Zagreb, and Sarajevo. Their publications are available through their online bookstore at

Publishing programme

The company's principal activity has been educational publishing, namely textbooks and supplementary materials for primary and secondary schools as well as teaching materials for teachers. A consistent effort is being made to develop electronic textbooks, ready for use in interactive whiteboards. iRokus and Lilibi and are online portals where users can access learning materials, didactic games, animations, worksheets, and much more. Rokus has won prestigious Slovene awards for their outstanding design, as well as international awards for innovation and quality in the field of didactic material.

The series Pons comprises foreign language dictionaries, e-courses, and textbooks, available for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Slovenian. These constitute excellent resources for individual learning and supplementary materials in schools and language courses. The websites and offer free-of-charge translation dictionaries in a range of language combinations.

Rokus Klett is also renowned for issuing popular science magazines. In 2003 they commenced publishing National Geographic Junior, in 2006 National Geographic Slovenia and National Geographic Mini.

In addition, they hold a number of seminars, symposia, and other events for teachers with a view to presenting new learning materials, textbooks, and didactic approaches.

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