Roman Brickworks Kiln, Ptuj


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Rimska opekarska peč, Ptuj
Kraigher Street, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 2 787 9230
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Managed byPtuj – Ormož Regional Museum
Aleksander Lorenčič, Director

Remains of Roman brickworks kilns were found along the imperial road Aquileia-Savaria in the eastern part of ancient Poetovio (today's Ptuj), an important craftsmen's quarter with large residential buildings, shops, workshops, drying sheds, and courtyards. One brickworks kiln out of the numerous that have been discovered in the area, which is today the residential area known as Rabelčja vas, is displayed on the site.


In 1974 archaeologists discovered a Roman brick kiln, one of nine belonging to a major pottery workshop and brickworks. The kiln was first displayed on site in 1982. It is brick-built with the vaults and bottom section, as well as the covered fire pit, in an excellent state of preservation. This was followed by the discovery of a complete crafts quarter extending along the Aquileia-Savaria imperial road which was researched by archaeologists at different times from the 1970s to the 1990s. To the north and south of the road, large buildings with living quarters and shops were discovered, plus workshops, drying sheds and courtyards. In the centre of the quarter were dwelling places furnished with frescoes, stucco and mosaics, and heated by hypocausts. In addition to the brickworks, various types of workshop were unearthed, including those of potters, stonecarvers and smiths. The works were built close to a deposit of excellent clay and it was usual for several pottery kilns to share wells and sheds for drying the products. In total over 80 kilns were discovered, in which various earthenware products had been fired (paving stones, bricks, vessels and oil lamps), often marked with stamps of the craftsmen who had made them (AEMILIVS, CRESCE, OCTAVI, INV FIRM, CIA, CAS(siae) and CRI(spinae).

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