Orpheus Monument, Ptuj

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Orfejev spomenik, Ptuj
Slovenski trg, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 2 787 9230
Fax386 (0) 2 787 9245
Managed byPtuj – Ormož Regional Museum
Aleksander Lorenčič, Director

The Orpheus Monument, Ptuj is the largest tombstone ever found in the Roman province of Upper Pannonia. In 2008 the Government of Slovenia adopted a decree declaring the Orpheus Monument a cultural monument of national importance.

The monument is located in front of the municipal tower in the square Slovenski trg in Ptuj. A tombstone nearly 5 metres high (4.94m x 1.82m x 0.39 m) it probably stands at the site where it was originally found. It has attracted visitors since the 16th century and in the course of time has become the symbol of the town. The mythological scenes it depicts gave it its popular name – the Orpheus Monument. The tombstone was cut from Pohorje marble and was erected as a grave marker in memory of the town of Roman Poetovio's (today's Ptuj) 2nd-century mayor, Marcus Valerius Verus, as can barely be deciphered from the almost illegible inscription. The memorial depicts scenes referring to the hope of being reborn.

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