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Ruski znanstveno-kulturni center
Ciril-Metodov trg 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 434 5998
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Jurij Anatoljevič Meteljov, Director
Valerija Valerijevna Kilpjakova, Project Manager
Phone386 (0) 30 256 315
Žana Lapina, Librarian
Phone386 (0) 1 434 5998
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The Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre, Ljubljana was established in April 2011. So far, Russia has established its scientific and cultural centres in 73 countries to support international cooperation between Russia and foreign countries and encourage cooperation with the Russians living abroad. Since 2008 the network has been managed by the Rossotrudnichestvo, Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

The centre organises exhibitions and film screenings, provides courses and scholarships, and also maintains a library with a reading room.

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The Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre was opened with the exhibition Sky is black, Earth is blue, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first flight into space, prepared by Miha Turšič and Dragan Živadinov from the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT).

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In cooperation with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Slovenia the exhibition In the Mirrors of Time. Peoples of Russia through the Eyes of Photographers at the Turn of the 19th–20th Centuries from the collection of the St Petersburg Kunstkamera was featured in May 2011.

A small permanent exhibit presents the work and life of Davorin Martin Matvejevič Hostnik (1853–1929), Slovene translator and philologist who lived and worked as teacher in Russia since 1880 and tried to popularise Russian language among Slovenes. Next to some literary translations he published the Slovenian-Russian and Russian-Slovenian dictionaries and a short grammar book of Russian language.

Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre Ljubljana collection Martin D. Hostnik memorial exhibition.JPG

Courses and scholarships

The Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre organises Russian language courses and lectures on Russian culture and society. Music and visual arts lessons are given by Russian artists on the premises of the centre and screenings of Russian films take place in the film club.

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The centre provides also information about bilateral research and scientific cooperation. Occasionally, the centre publishes an open call for scholarships for study and research stay at the universities and academies in the Russian federation.

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