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Contact info
Združenje splošnih knjižnic
Adamičeva 15, 1290 Grosuplje
Phone386 (0) 290 9420
Vesna Horžen, President
Phone386 (0) 41 577 273
Online accounts:

The Slovenian Public Libraries Association was established in 2009 by replacing and assuming the duties of the Union of Slovene Public Libraries. Joining all Slovene public libraries under their care, it represents their interests by monitoring trends, proposing changes, and soliciting advice in matters of legislation, regulation, and management.

In cooperation with experts from several Slovene public libraries, the association has prepared the document Strategy for the Public Libraries Development 2013–2020.

The association initiates various projects, round tables, professional meetings, and lectures aimed at facilitating better cooperation and information exchange among the 58 public libraries, which play an important role as local cultural and information centres.

They cooperate with the Slovenian Library Association, the Slovenian Book Agency, the Library System Development Centre, and central regional libraries.

Educational programme

A number of educational courses, workshops, and visits to book fairs are organised with a view to promoting and fostering a high standard of expert knowledge in library science. The association outlined the educational programme for directors of public libraries which starts in the school year 2013–2014.

(Web) publishing

Publishing scientific publications from the field of librarianship is another important facet of the association's activities.

A notable project is also the regional libraries portal, launched in 2004.

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