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Foto muzej Vlastja
Trata 9, SI-4224 Gorenja vas
Phone386 (0) 4 519 1864

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Established in 1991 in an old priest's house at Gorenja vas, the Vlastja Photographic Museum is a museum of photography named after internationally-recognised Slovene master photographer Vlastja Simončič (1911–2000) who amassed a rich collection of photographic material in the course of his long career as a photographer.

The first room of the museum comprises ethnographic objects from Gorenja vas and neighbouring villages at the foot of Blegoš. The second room exhibits objects from Vlastja Simončič's life, among them the diploma of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), by which he alone in Slovenia was awarded the title HON EFIAP, plus a selection of photographs and paintings from his extensive work. The third room presents objects related to photography and film, including old cameras, pre-war movie cameras and modern professional cameras, plus a selection of displays including how photographs can be developed without the use of electricity, an old version of a light show, and powders used before there were flashlights.

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