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ZircuS is a 7-member band which manages to escape music genre labelling for it combines a fusion of trance and psychedelic electronic, hard rock guitar riffs, operatic vocals, tribal rhythms and dancing on stage, accompanied with futuristic VJ-ing. ZircuS was formed in 2004 in Slovenj Gradec, but it made its first major public appearance on Slovene stages in 2009, when performing with 5 other musicians on the Club Marathon, run by Radio Študent (RŠ).

Seeing them for the first time onstage will hardly leave you cold. Whether playing on a small or big stage, their performance is full of animalistic, colourful, and freaky theatricality. They have performed on numerous Slovene and European stages, be that in clubs or at festivals, such as Exit Festival in Serbia in 2009 and Novi Rock in 2011, just to name a few.

In 2010 they released their first studio album Epic Tribe (ZARŠ Records), which received mixed reviews ranging from defining the album as "fresh" to "too predictable". In 2012 they released the album Away from the Safety Zone.

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