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Contact info
Blaž Celarec
Phone386 (0) 41 353 637

Initialised in the studio as an open-ended project, Zoc came into existence in 2009, when the final line-up of the band was gradually established. They decided upon collective improvisation as their proper method of music making and during their laid back jam sessions both their first album Zoc 1 and their very specific sound were born. It is a cohesive combination of jazz improvisation, psychedelic post rock, cinematic ambient, and a number of folk, dub, and other ingredients.

An excerpt from a Zoc gig in 2010.

Relatively unconcerned by ambitions, Zoc is still an outstanding project, very explicitly showing the band members as the experienced, versatile, and talented musicians they are. The band's initiators were Blaž Celarec on drums, percussion, and clarinet and Žiga Golob on bass and ukulele. Blaž, also a member of Brina, Fake Orchestra, and some other bands, is otherwise a music composer, producer, and very much wanted musician for all kinds of projects. The same goes for Žiga Golob, the owner of one of the most extensive discographies among the younger Slovene jazz musicians.

With time, they were joined by Andraž Mazi, who plays guitar, pedal steel, and dobro, and Adi Jakša on guitar, melodica, and banjo, both active protagonists of the jazz scene and collaborators in many noticeable projects. Chris Eckman, member of The Walkabouts, sometimes also joins in.

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