Music funding, professional and support services

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In Slovenia in recent years, we have seen the intensification of initiatives to build a more compact and efficient infrastructure of music professionals, a cohesive set of bodies, consortiums and networks for the promotion of music at home and abroad regardless of musical genre. Such endeavours aim to amplify the entry of local musical creativity into the international space.

At the same time, such initiatives also aim to empower musicians and music professionals in the local environment and build a stronger and more internationally present music industry. Initiatives that sprouted through the concepts of showcase festivals have set up models to promote the Slovenian musical creativity and industry abroad (through music fairs, showcase festivals, ...), and have set up an educational models and information centres to offer support to musicans and music professionals here and abroad.

The present category offers lists of musical support mechanisms on the level of professional music organisations, associations and institutions, music support services and state, local and international funding bodies and systems to provide information about scholarships, commissions of new musical works, formal and informal education, funding and cofunding opportunities, information and promotion on regional and international level and networking possibilities.