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This logo is missing!

If you have it, please email it to us.

Stare pravde 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 439 9685
Luka Prinčič, Director

No-org is a sound design and music 'artitexture' firm founded in 2004 by composer, web-developer, DJ, writer, critic, reverse engineer, part-time hacker and open source agent Luka Prinčič, who also runs the online projects and Prinčič has worked at Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab on various online, streaming and sound projects and has created the software art project 'Music for Hard Disks' (

No-org projects include music and SFX for a CiCiFoo short animated film about Slovene constructivist poet Srečko Kosovel, the audio-visual real-time generative 3D and cutup sound performance work Cubic Politics created for the Month of Design event, the interactive sound and 3D real-time generation machine created for an interactive performance by the Slovene art group ECLIPSE, the music for the 10-minute docu-video TEMP, the music design for the Six Pack DVD, the sound design for the project Refugee Camp For First World Countries 80 Sneezes in collaboration with Peter Šenk and Janez Janša (of Maska Institute), and a breakbeat sound and interactive engine/interface exhibited at Kapelica Gallery.

See also Kamizdat net initiated by Nova/Viator.