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Gregorčičeva 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 1 251 6679
Managed byGlej Theatre
Integrali Cultural Association
Povšetova 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana

As the PreGlej has not been active for a long period, the article about it and about the PreGlej na glas! Playwriting Festival was put into the depot. Below you can read the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid.

The archive of the texts is accessible online, please consult the Playwright's Resource.

Archival article

PreGlej was conceived in 2005 as a series of staged readings by the younger generation of Slovene playwrights under the umbrella of Glej Theatre in Ljubljana. Today it is an internationally recognised programme for the development and promotion of new Slovene drama, run by the Integrali Cultural Association and Glej Theatre. PreGlej also offers an important information service, the Playwright's Resource website. In 2007 the project received the Golden Nest Award for the development of contemporary playwriting.


PreGlej focuses on Slovene contemporary playwriting, especially on emerging writers, its main goal being the establishment of an elementary infrastructure for the development and growth of playwriting in Slovenia. PreGlej thus offers opportunities to young writers to work on, develop, and present their texts through close collaboration with the younger generation of theatre directors, actors, playwrights, dramaturgs, etc. The main activity of PreGlej is a monthly presentation of staged readings. For each staged reading, 5 to 6 rehearsals are organised, where the playwright continues to develop the play in dialogue with actors and a director. The staged readings are attended by directors, dramaturgs, translators, editors of literary journals and publishing houses, producers, etc., which are followed by discussions with the involved makers and the audience.

Plays developed within the PreGlej's project Let's Integrate are also staged in professional theatres, such as Miha Mazzini's Flight to Rome [Let v Rim] (2008), Andreja Zelinka's The Entire Life [Vse življenje] (2007), both produced by Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), Zalka Grabnar Kogoj's But Dane [Ampak Dane] (2009), co-produced by Glej Theatre and Škuc Theatre, Simona Semenič's You Didn't Forget, You Just Don't Remember Anymore [Nisi pozabila, samo ne spomniš se več] (2008), co-produced by Glej Theatre and Integrali Cultural Association, etc.

PreGlej Laboratory

In 2005, PreGlej initiated the PreGlej Laboratory, which takes place twice a month. It is an ongoing and flexible play development workshop in which playwrights and directors meet and analyse plays with the goal of encouraging the production and improvement of texts. Works developed in the PreGlej Laboratory have been staged at Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Glej Theatre, and have been published in different compendiums and journals.

International cooperation

PreGlej is also involved in international collaboration and exchange. Within the framework of the PreGlej programme, a residency by 3 Slovene playwrights was organised in New York. Their plays were premièred in English translation at the European Dreams Festival in New York in Autumn 2006. In 2007, Integrali Cultural Association launched the project Let's integrate!, intended to develop a new Slovene play in collaboration with a renowned foreign theatre director, which ultimately resulted in the presentation of the play in the country of the invited director. The project nEEd Circuit, coordinated by the Integrali Cultural Association, aimed to present the work of Eastern European playwrights in the United States and the UK. In 2006, PreGlej entered the international project Focus On the Stage intended to the exchange between authors from 9 European countries, namely, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, and Slovenia.

In 2006, PreGlej entered a transnational partnership and interdisciplinary research project involving science, theory, and the performing arts, called Myth as Destiny, aiming for the deconstruction of national myths and investigation of the mechanisms of creating and promoting modern myths. The project received support from the European Cultural Foundation and the ERSTE Foundation and included the following partners: Bazaart Belgrade, Serbia; Centre for Youth CeZaM, Croatia; DIS, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mostar Youth Theatre, Bosnia and Herzegovina; PATOS, Serbia; and SAGA and WOMUA, Serbia.

PreGlej has also collaborated with the International Company Project, the Theatre Without Borders, and the Theatre Workshop, all from New York.

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