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Contact info
Zbirka Adriatic Slovenica
Dunajska 63, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 582 6838
Founded byKD Group
 Adriatic Slovenica
Katarina Klemen
Petra Bizilj, Curator

The Adriatic Slovenica Collection has grown since 2007 when first initiated by Matjaž Gantar, the insurance company's late supervisory board president. It is complemented with the exhibition programme of the AS Gallery, located in the Ljubljana premises of the KD Group corporation (the parent company of Adriatic Slovenica), as well as with a careful sponsorship portfolio including support for the OHO Group Award, dedicated to young visual artists. The collection has focused mainly on Slovenian artists with an ambition to expand internationally.

Background and artworks

The works of some 300 artists have been included in the collection. The collection's graphic prints, paintings, drawings, photographs and a few sculptures range from the late-19th century to today, from Ivana Kobilca to Beli sladoled. The international part includes some works by various artists such as Ivan Generalić, Ivan Kožarić, and the AES + F Group. Most of the international artworks, however, became part of the collection through the acquisition of the private Keleia Collection, curated by Pavel Toplak and managed by Matjaž Gruden in the 1980s and 1990s, which also organised international fine arts symposia.

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