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East Asian collections research project


As in the case of African heritage, the Asian collections in Slovene museums are also tightly linked to the collectors themselves, among them seafarers, Catholic missionaries, and travellers.

East Asian collections research project

In 2018, the Slovene Research Agency (ARRS) funded a 3-year research project that enabled comprehensive and systematic inventory, identification, categorisation, analysis and digitisation. It has been conducted by the Department of Asian Studies, University of Ljubljana, Science and Research Centre of Koper (SRC Koper) and the researchers from the four involved museums.

The project is focused on six ethnographic collections: the Ivan Skušek Collection and the photographic album of Viljem Pečar (Slovene Ethnographic Museum), the Alma Karlin Collection and Collection of Asian and South American Objects (Celje Regional Museum), the Collection of East Asian Ceramics (National Museum of Slovenia), and the Ivan Koršič Collection (Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum, Piran).

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