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Andraž Kajžer

The band is not active anymore.

Archival article

Founded in 2001, Corkscrew seeks to emulate the developments in the 1990s when the town of Kamnik was known for its music scene. This era is identified with such punk rock and funk bands as Not, Regrat, Buwala 9 and Macola, and with the synthesis of string elements with punk, hardcore and hip hop (crossover) found in KAOS d o o. The latter represented a link between the first line of Slovene crossover (such as Malfunction and Skytower), its continuation (the first edition of Cancel) and the future of new metal clones. Corkscrew is a bold continuation of this line, combining the past and the future. The band skilfully and daringly cuts through the mediocrity of monotonous noise, popularly known as "nu metal".

In 2003 the band participated at the third Club Marathon founded by Radio Študent (RŠ) in 2000. The tour included major youth clubs and music venues around the country, including MC Podlaga, Sežana, MKC Koper Youth and Culture Centre. In 2002 the band played at the Heineken Rock Festival in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The band consists of members from different local bands: Burger (vocals), Zoko (guitar), Skinner (drums), Rockson (guitars), Stockson (bass), Gabbo (livesound), and Phantom (lyrics).

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